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Prime wealthcare is the outcome of years of cumulative expertise of the founders in the insurance industry. It is the brain child of a team of seasoned financial advisors and planners. We understand how overwhelming and confusing money matters can get. Most people fail because they fail to plan ahead in time. Prime Wealthcare is conceptualized out of this need to bring about a financial liberation and facilitate a more positive relationship with money.

At the heart of the organisation, lies a simple philosophy- “to assist individuals life financially planned so that they not only survive but thrive”. And with this goal in mind, Prime Wealthcare offers a bouquet of customized services for life insurance, health insurance, Travel insurance and others. We operate out of fully established offices in prime locations across major cities of Gujarat. We are equipped and committed to bringing financial joy and freedom in the lives of our clients through appropriate and timely solution.

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Life Insurance

We Offer A Plethora Of Life Insurance Policies Through The Channel Of LIFE CORPORATION OF INDIA (L.I.C).

Health Insurance

Medical Coverage Is Provided To The Insured During Healthcare Emergencies.

Personal Accident Insurance

Medical Coverage Is Provided To The Insured On Accidental Emergencies.

Vehicle Insurance

Financial Coverage Against Unforseen Events Suggest Accident Causing Vehicles Damages.

Travel Insurance

Covers Unexpected Medical Losses Incurred While Travelling Internationally Or Domestically.

Fire Insurance

Provides Additional Coverage For Loss Or Damage To A Structure Damaged Or Destroyed In A Fire

Workmen Compensation Insurance

Providing For The Payment Of Compensation To Employer On Behalf Of It's Employees In Case Of Accidental Injury At Work Place.

House / Office Insurance

1.House Insurance Policy Provides Coverage For Your Own House , Ranted House , Apartment Or Luxury Mension As Well.
2. Office Insurance Offers Comprehensive Coverage For The Risk Associated With Threates Which Can Impact Office Operations. It Covers Not Only The Office Property But Also The Loss Of Money Or Any Cheating Done By Employees.

Money In Transit Insurance

Provides Coverage Against Loss Of Cash Or Currency Whilst In Transit As Well As In Your Premises Due To Accident Or Misfortune.


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Piyush Pandya

Founder President And MD

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Assistant director

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Assistant Director

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Assistant Director

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SME-Retail Head